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Gaborone, Botswana’s capital city, is a low key hub of government ministries and shopping malls. Affectionately referred to as ‘Gabs’, the city is the perfect base from which to begin your travels through wild and pristine Botswana. Steeped in history, and boasting the proud and patriotic Motswana, Gaborone is an African city that is not afraid to look toward its future.

With a number of family-friendly restaurants, hotels and lodges, the city is ideal for those who are looking for an adventure. However, Gaborone also offers corporate travellers an abundance of conferencing facilities and luxury hotels from which to choose, which makes the city as diverse as those who live in it.If you’ve booked your regional flights to Botswana and you’re preparing for a safari, be sure to stock up on all of your goods whilst in town – Gaborone is renowned for its citrus fruit. Once your flight to Gaborone have been booked, you can start to think about everything that you’d like to see, do and taste in this down-to-earth African city.

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Explore Gaborone

  • Matsieng’s Footprints: Intriguing and ideal for families with children, the footprints remain a hot topic in local folklore and a mystery to modern explanation.
  • Three Chiefs’ Statues: An enjoyable tribute to the three founding chiefs of Botswana, the attraction boasts knowledgeable guides who transport visitors back in time with wonderful tales of the country’s history.
  • Gaborone Game Reserve: Fun for the whole family, the reserve offers an array of wild life and picnic spots that ensure an enjoyable daytrip to the park.