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Direct Flights to Windhoek

An ideal city from which to start an unforgettable African holiday, Windhoek boasts a refreshing mix of European and African culture and history. Whether you’re planning a memorable holiday into the Namibian National Parks or desert, or are simply visiting the city on account of business, there is plenty to see and do for all types of travellers.

The city of Windhoek boasts a number of hotels, pubs and restaurants that reflect the city’s mix of heritage. Home to a large German community, Windhoek is dappled with neo-baroque cathedrals, festive eateries and distinctive architecture, set against the backdrop of the arid Namibian moonscape. Welcoming and laid-back, the city of Windhoek is ideal for visitors who have their sights set on equal parts adventure and rest. Walk through the city and admire the history and culture, embark on a 4X4 adventure or simply stroll through Post Street Mall, filled with local curios and handmade collectables.

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Direct Flights to Windhoek

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Explore Windhoek

  • National Museum of Namibia: For history fanatics and intrepid travellers alike, this museum offers a peek into Namibia’s history and independence.
  • Zoo Park: Originally a zoo, the area is now a green, leafy park that serves as a picnic spot for employees of the local offices and tourists. Ideal for an ice cream after a hot walk through the city.
  • Tintenpalast: If you have a penchant for architecture, Windhoek’s former administrative headquarters of German South West Africa is a treat for the senses!