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Nestled between the expansive ocean and sand dunes, Walvis Bay is an attraction like no other. Founded in 1793 by the Cape Dutch, the town is steeped in history. Dotted with colourful birdlife, Walvis Bay can be found at the edge of a lagoon that attracts large numbers of pelicans and flamingos, a treat for any Twitcher and ideal for travellers who are looking to make a laid-back pit-stop on the journey.

Whether you would prefer to take a kayak out to Pelican point or enjoy a 4X4 tour of Sandwich Harbour, Walvis Bay offers a number of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Dotted with a number of hotels, pubs and restaurants, there is certainly enough to keep you busy during your time in Walvis Bay.

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Direct Flights to Walvis Bay

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Explore Walvis Bay

  • Walvis Bay Museum: From the Bay’s discovery in 1487, the foundation of the town in 1793, reaching up until today, the museum allows visitors to take a peek into the history of this charming little town.
  • Rhenish Mission Church: Prefabricated in Germany and rebuilt in the Walvis Bay harbour in 1881, this little church is one of the original buildings left behind by one of the first groups of European Missionaries.
  • Sandwich Harbour: Accessible by 4X4 and a treat for any Twitchers or ornithologists, a trip to Sandwich harbour is a unique experience that is sure to be enjoyed be all.