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Direct Flights to Lubumbashi

The second largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lubumbashi is home to more than 1.3 million people. The city boasts a heady mix of old-world charm and modern African culture, attracting businesspeople, scholars and travellers from all over the world. English, Swahili and French are the three most prominent languages that are spoken in Lubumbashi, catering to both local and international visitors.

Touring the city by foot is the best way in which to soak up the vibrancy of this busy city, unless you prefer a more climate-controlled option – 4X4 vehicles are available for hire throughout the area, simplifying travel for those who are not used to the African heat. One of the more prominent tourist attractions is that of the Lubumbashi Zoo, home to numerous large cats, snakes and one of the world’s few termite collections.

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Direct Flights to Lubumbashi

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  • Zoo de Lubumbashi: Home to a number of different animal species, Lubumbashi Zoo is ideal for families or businesspeople who are looking for something a little different.
  • Cercle Wallon Belgium Club: Enjoy European-African fusion cuisine, play a game of tennis and savour a local beer. Ideal for families or individual travellers who are looking for a taste of colonial charm.
  • Golf de Lubumbashi: Enjoy travelling through Africa but never manage to get in a game of golf? Enjoy a round of golf at Lubumbashi’s golf course, just north-west of the city.