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Direct Flights to Harare

A city lined with brightly coloured Jacaranda trees, Harare is home to a myriad of things to do and places to see. Steeped in history that dates back to 1890, when Fort Salisbury was founded in Mashonaland by the British South Africa Company, Harare offers something for everyone.

Whether you dream of exciting wildlife safaris or spending your time sipping on Cuba Libres in the city’s modern bars, Harare is a colourful and vibrant spot which caters to travellers of all sorts. Take a stroll down the National Hero’s Acre, embrace the scenery in the National Botanic Gardens, or simply enjoy the friendliness of the locals at the curio stalls or markets. A city packed with family-friendly lodges and resorts, colourful bars and world-class restaurants, Harare is worth the trip – be it for business or leisure.

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Direct Flights to Harare

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Explore Harare

  • Royal Harare Golf Club: Become a temporary member at one of the most prestigious gold clubs in the world. Enjoy a round of golf or sip on a few delicious cocktails as you overlook the green.
  • National Botanic Gardens: 58-hectares of lush vegetation, birdlife and blooms keep visitors busy. Exhibiting a range of indigenous flora from Zimbabwe and South Africa, the gardens are the ideal place in which to escape the African heat.
  • National Hero’s Acre: Erected 7kms out of Harare, the obelisk is dedicated to the fallen soldiers and all those who fought in the Second Chimurenga. Perfect for families with young children, the monument also boasts an interesting museum.