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Tips for travelling with guns ‘legally’

If you’re the owner of a firearm and other dangerous items or know someone who is, then you’re probably familiar with contemplating whether to take your firearm along on a flight and if this is even allowed.

How often have you heard gun collectors, hunter and professionals complain about not being able to take their guns with them when flying?

Sometimes, you may even leave it at home to avoid potential issues arising at the airport.

Did you know that you are allowed to travel abroad with your firearm and that they aren’t as taboo as people may think? Travelling with a licensed firearm is permitted at airports and legal to fly around with, provided that you follow certain rules and regulations.

So, if you’ve been thinking of taking our flights to Lubumbashi  have peace of mind knowing that, like you, they can also enjoy the luxury of travelling safely.

Here are tips you need to know about travelling with guns:

  1. Check the airline’s website.

Rules and regulations vary among various airlines. What may be permitted at one airline may be prohibited at the next. Make sure their website stipulates that firearms are allowed  on a flight. Some airlines may only allow weapons to be transported to specific destinations.

  1. If you do not have a hard case, get one immediately.

All firearms are expected to be locked in a sealed, hard case which only you should have the keys or combination code to. Ensure all ammunition, firing pins and magazines are in their original box and securely locked within the hard case as well as it is prohibited to travel with in your baggage with the rest of your clothes.

  1. Weigh your firearms.

Airlines have different rates for baggage and ammunition. Ask about the maximum weight your firearms and weapons are allowed to weigh. If they exceed the maximum weight, be prepared to pay an extra fee.

  1. Never give your combination keys to someone else

This is very important. The keys to your hard case can only be carried by you.