East London: reasons why you should visit

With so many beautiful South African cities to explore, East London here’s why you should take another good look at East London.

Situated on the bluer than blue Indian Ocean, and renowned for its endless stretches of pure, fine white, sandy beaches and rolling surf, East London is hard to ignore. But there are plenty of other attractions for you and the family to enjoy on those days that you and your family decide to take a break from the beautiful sun and shore.

The Aquarium

This aquarium officially opened in 1931. It is the oldest in South Africa and boasts some spectacular fish, aquatic plants and animals. You’ll be able to see ‘and snap’ red-piranhas, feed penguins, see the seal show and enjoy the antics of a number of other marine animals that you may not be able to observe anywhere else. And if you plan your visit during the months of July to December, the walk down Whale Walk and a visit to the whale observation deck promises magnificent sightings of southern right and hump-backed whales and their calves - a definite must-see. If you will be travelling with kids, on a good day a visit to the aquarium is as close to the perfect family outing you’ll ever experience.

Relax at Morgan Bay

After a stressful year, a great way to spend downtime is by relaxing with only the ocean in sight. The beach, located less than an hour from downtown East London is perfect for groups of people looking to get away from the city, surrounded by water, sand, friendly people and unspoilt marine life. Take a cozzie, umbrella and a few ice-cold beverages and go and catch a glimpse of a few of the 270 bird species at Morgan Bay. Go for a soothing swim in the lagoon. or, if you’re more adventurous, head off on a private game drive, abseil or embark on a fun-filled rock climbing excursion at the cliffs. Adventure beckons – all the more reason for you to hop on a flight from Durban to East London.

See Nahoon Footprints at the East London Museum

The Nahoon Footprints has a rather fascinating history dating back 124 000 years ago. In 1964, construction workers at Bat’s Cave discovered strange looking footprints in the bedrock. After further investigation, they discovered the fossilized footprints had belonged to a child. The child’s footprints, which were found on large slabs of sandstone, have been preserved in the East London Museum - another must-see! While there, visit the educational centre, built in the shape of a footprint, and enjoy a meal at the Footprints Café with its magnificent sea view. 

Cruise your way to tranquility

There’s probably nothing as relaxing as going for a boat cruise on the Indian Ocean. It’s even more special when you’re with your significant other and loved ones. One of the popular boat rides is offered by Southern Cross Cruises. Relax on the yacht while snapping a few selfies. Or, if you prefer to get your adrenaline pumping, choose the high speed rubber duck boat ride which poses quite a challenge at the speed of 75 km/h. Helmets and jackets are supplied!

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