Reasons why you should travel to Africa

Oh, Africa, home to the Big Five as well as one of the largest waterfalls in the world. It’s also the only continent that boasts the largest amount of languages spoken in the world and has a history as rich as a wealthy man's pockets.
What's not to love about this beautiful continent? Moreover, why should you travel anywhere else?
As much as the world has to offer when it comes to sight-seeing, there is nothing quite like travelling through Africa where the locals are great at making you feel at home. Where it's normal to see people without front teeth, hear plenty of different dialects and languages in a single day, make braai day a national celebration, and where the fuel price increases almost as often as we change our clothes.
If you're looking for a reason to book Durban to Harare flights, a flight from Johannesburg to George, or anywhere in Africa really, you need to know this:
  • Life's a beach in Africa
    If you're looking for crystal blue water and crisp white sand on a heavenly beach, then Mozambique, The Seychelles and Mauritius should be on your bucket list of destinations to travel to. Ensure you travel in their summer months so you make the most of your beachy experience.
  • Have you seen a real life gorilla before?
    Take one of the flights to the DRC, while you are there why not stop by Uganda or Rwanda to see the magnificent gorillas? As of 2011, there are reportedly less than 790 endangered mountain gorillas that are currently in Africa and the number is on a steady decline. So, if you'd like to see a gorilla in real life instead of the movies or in pictures, plan a trip to Africa soon.
  • There's something for everyone - including the brave and the bold
    How does bungee jumping from the highest commercial bridge bungee in the world sound? If you love pumping your body with adrenaline, make your way to the Bloukrans Bridge in Western Cape, South Africa. If you're deemed a more adventurous kind of person, this is definitely the type of exploit you should be after! It's time to book your flight to Cape Town, don't you think?
  • The food is amazing
    Whether you prefer a mild or hot Bunny Chow (half loaf of thick bread with the centre cut out to form a hollow circle and fill with a curry of your choice) in South Africa, Piri-Piri chicken (a blend of fragrant oriental and Arab flavours) in Mozambique or Nyama Na Irio in Kenya (This dish is the ultimate Kenyan comfort food and is made up of mashed potatoes, corn, peas, beans and onion). Africa has something for every palate.
So, even if you decide against taking a flight from Johannesburg to East London, fly on one of our regional flights instead simply because there's no place as welcoming and unique as Africa!