Be wary of travelling with these items on your flight

Some people have awful and embarrassing first-time-flying experiences while to others, it’s a breeze. With every booked flight, thorough planning needs to be done in order to escape those ‘I didn’t know’ moments.
Before flying, it's essential to understand what items you are allowed to carry with you, in your baggage or not at all because there are certain items that just won’t make the cut. Being well informed prevents chaotic scenarios where you have to leave behind items you may have already packed for your flight from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit. Often, you’ll find that certain items are not allowed in your baggage but are permissible to have in your carry-on bag.
So, to avoid any confusion, what is actually prohibited on a flight and why? Here's what you need to know:
  • Do you smoke? Well, you cannot carry more than one lighter with you
    If you’re considering stocking up on a few lighters on your flight from Johannesburg to East London so you don’t run out, it’s time for you to reconsider. Even though lighters are permissible on a flight, they are still viewed as objects that can cause harm. So, to avoid any hassles when your bags are getting checked, make sure you only carry one lighter with you in your carry-on bag. E-cigarettes are also allowed in your carry-on bag, provided that they are unpowered.
  • Flammable objects
    Items such as fireworks, lithium batteries that are found in some laptops and some smartphones, as well as any other corrosives are strictly prohibited to carry in your baggage or in your carry-on bag on you.
  • Any self-defense items?
    If you regularly carry pepper spray, tasers or brass knuckes with you, it’s best you leave them behind. They won’t make it past security.
  • Liquids are allowed (in moderation)
    If you’re carrying alcohol with you, make sure they do not exceed the 70 percent alcohol limit. You should be allowed to carry at least five litres of alcohol in a sealable bottle in your baggage.
 There are certain items that, despite not being allowed as baggage, can be transported as cargo:
  • Any type of Televisions
  • All motor vehicle parts
Make sure you’ve checked with your airline first and read through their terms and conditions to make your flight from Durban to Port Elizabeth, that much stress-free.