Secrets about your flight your pilot won’t tell you

There are certain things we wish we knew before we tried it and flying is one of them.
If you travel by air regularly, how much do you really know about your flight?
There are certain things your pilot will not tell you. But don’t worry about that, because that’s what we are here for:
  1. If you’re a nervous flier, don’t fly in the afternoon. Flying in the afternoon have risks attached. For instance, chances of a thunderstorm in the afternoon or in the evening are higher which could cause the air to be bumpier. So, when you’re making a domestic flight booking be sure to book a morning flight.
  2. There is a ‘best place to sit’ on an aeroplane. And this depends entirely on the kind of ‘comfort’ you’re looking for on your flight. The back of the aeroplane is usually warmer, however, it is also the bumpiest. When you have a seat in the middle, you won’t feel the turbulence as much. And if you sit close to the front, you are probably breathing the freshest air in the entire plane.
  3. If one engine is down, you won’t know about it. An aeroplane has two engines and if one engine fails, according to pilots interviewed by Reader’s Digest, the pilot might say that it’s ‘indicating improperly.’ There’s nothing to be worried about if you’re taking a flight to DRC or anywhere in particular, because an aeroplane can function properly by only using one engine.
  4. Travelling with a baby on your lap is an absolute no-no. It’s normal to want to show your little one how beautiful the view outside is, however, it’s not recommended that they remain on your lap. If there is any deceleration, you might lose your grip of your child which can be dangerous.
  5. Turbulence cannot cause the plane to crash. Pilots usually try to avoid turbulence because its apparently ‘annoying’ and not because it’s a danger or hazard.
  6. You’re surrounded by germs. As if you didn’t know that already? There are thousands of people getting on and off flights each day – sometimes within a few minutes of the next batch of passengers to fill the plane. From the tray tables and seats to the book filled with cartoons for kids to entertain them. Another thing to note is that if you perhaps fall ill after your flight to Johannesburg, it’s probably environmental and not the air you breathe in.
Now that you know a bit more about your flight, the next time you browse through flight specials for your planned trip, 20 percent of preparing for your flight is already taken care of 20

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