You have the right to remain…happy as a passenger

Every South African citizen has rights – like the right to education and equality. You also have rights as a passenger boarding a flight. Knowing your passenger rights assures you that there won’t be any misunderstandings and your flight will hopefully run smoothly.

Here’s what you need to know about your rights as a passenger:
  1. You are entitled to compensation if your flight is delayed, cancelled or if you’ve been denied boarding. This can be done monetarily or through booking you on the next available flight, at no additional cost. You can also be compensated if your luggage is lost or badly damaged.
  2. You are allowed to travel with a firearm. Yes, firearms and other dangerous weapons are not actually prohibited on a flight. As long as you store your weapon correctly (according to the airlines specifications) you should be good to go. Certain airlines may not allow the transportation of firearms to specific destinations. So, if you’re taking a flight to Johannesburg, after browsing through flights specials, ensure you’ll be able to travel to this destination with your weapon by confirming this with the airline first.
  3. You have first priority if you require special attention. If you would like to travel with crutches, your wheelchair or perhaps are in need of anything else that could make your flight more comfortable, then you should let the airline know in advance and it will be attended to. Remember there is a minimum advance time to be aware of.
  4. You can be specific about your dietary requirements. You should never be forced to eat anything you don’t like or are prohibited to eat for religious reasons. If you fall under any of the dietary categories: Vegetarian, Kosher, Vegan, Low Fat or Halaal then you can request special meals. Just be sure to do this when making flight reservations.
 Avoid misunderstandings the next time you make a domestic flight booking. Every passenger, young and old, has rights when flying on one of our flights. So to ensure a stress-free flight, know your rights…it’s the right thing to do.