Tips for travelling with guns 'legally'

How often have you heard gun collectors, hunter and professionals complain about not being able to take certain items with them when flying? If you’re owna firearm or other dangerous and prohibited items or perhaps know someone who does, then you’ve probably contemplated whether it’s possible to take them along on a flight.

Did you know that you are allowed to travel abroad with your firearm and that they aren’t as restricted as people may think? Travelling with a licensed firearm is permitted at airports, provided that you follow the rules and regulations associated with flying with a dangerous weapon.

So, if you’ve been thinking of taking one of our flights to Sun CIty have peace of mind knowing that, like you, other passengers can also enjoy the luxury of travelling safely.

Here are tips you need to know about travelling with guns:
  1. Check the airline’s website.
    Rules and regulations vary among various airlines. What may be permitted at one airline may be prohibited at the other. Make sure the airline’s website stipulates that firearms are allowed on flights. Some airlines may only allow weapons to be transported to specific destinations. For instance, if you are taking our flights to Richard’s Bay and you have a firearm with you, you need to call SA Express about 2-3 hours before landing in Richards Bay. The keys to your hard case should only be carried by you and your combination lock should not be disclosed to any airport staff.
  2. Know your destination.
    Not all rules are standard when travelling to different countries. If you’re taking our flights to Walvis Bay, make sure that you have conducted enough research regarding their safety, security and customs and import regulations. This should prepare you for any additional documents or permits that you need to carry upon entering.
  3. Have a lockable hard case.
    All firearms are expected to be locked in a sealed, hard case without exception. You can include all ammunition, firing pins and magazines in the hard case as well, provided they are in their original box packaging. Ensure that all ammunition has been safely removed from the firearms. It is strictly prohibited to carry any ammunition in your baggage. 
  4. Weigh your firearms.
    Airlines have different tariffs for baggage and ammunition. Ask about the maximum weight for your firearms and weapons. If they exceed the maximum weight, be prepared to pay an extra fee.
Remember that before you board your flight, visit the check-in counter at the airport and let them know that you are travelling with a firearm or any other potentially dangerous weapons. Doing so will eliminate any problems caused when flying or arriving at an international airport abroad.


Image courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM