Ensure a Comfortable Flight with These Top Tips

The excitement of travel is second to none. You’ve been trawling flight specials and have finally booked your next trip. Great! The thought of seeing new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods and experiencing more of our beautiful planet is enough to send a little tingle up your spine. Don’t let the plane journey put you off.

In fact, setting foot on to the plane is the beginning of the journey and should all be part of the fun. Here are our tips from the frequent flyer pros to help you make the most of your flight, whether it’s a long haul international or just one of many domestic flights for a business trip. Even the crying baby in the row behind you won’t be able to take away from your hours of rest and relaxation!

Invest in a great pair of headphones and/or earplugs
Even in First Class, you can’t control the noise that other passengers make. If you’re unlucky and get seated next to an unsettled baby, having a quality pair of headphones to listen to music or watch TV on can be a lifesaver – but decent earplugs will do the same, and are even better if you’re planning to sleep. Once you’ve put them in and slipped the mask over your eyes, you’ll feel relaxed, comfortable and right at home!

Choose your seat in advance
Whether you’re a window person, an aisle person or even a middle person, one way to ensure you’re comfortable is to choose the sort of seat you prefer in advance. Of course, if you’re tall, then trying to secure a bulkhead or exit row seat is a good idea, but be warned – these ones move quickly!

Keep hydrated and walk around
A little bit of walking around to keep the circulation going at such high altitude never went amiss. Have a gentle stroll down the aisle and back every so often, and try to do some ankle rolling and stretches if you’re seated and not sleeping. Another key to having a good flight is to stay hydrated, as some people find the cabin air drying. Drink plenty of water and remember to moisturise your skin too.

Don’t judge the travel pillows!
You know the ones we’re talking about. We’ve all seen the people who come with their horseshoe shaped pillow, and you’ve probably even had a slightly judgemental thought cross your mind as you watch them blow it up while they settle into their seat. We’ll let you in on a secret…whoever brought the travel pillow got off that plane looking as fresh as a daisy! The people with those pillows are the most seasoned travellers and know that the extra support can go a really long way towards keeping you comfortable and ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Use the plane freebies
A lot of the time when you climb on board South African flights you’ll find a few complimentary items which are there to make your flight more pleasant. Eye masks, socks and blankets are some of the most common. Make full use of these, and don’t be afraid to ask for an extra blanket if you’re chilly. When your seat partner chooses to read at night and you struggle to fall asleep with the lights on don’t just give up all hope of a good night’s sleep – instead, grab your eye mask and blanket, tuck yourself in, and prepare for destination Dreamland.

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Image courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM