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Flights to Kimberley with Fly SA Express

Flights to Kimberley.

Catering for history and nature lovers alike, Kimberley is one of South Africa’s best kept secrets. Established in the 1800s after the discovery of diamonds, Kimberley is steeped in rich South African history.Having survived the Anglo-Boer war, the city quickly became a hot-spot for both local and international visitors alike.

If it wasn’t diamonds that drew them in, it was the contrasting vistas and natural wonders that surround the city. Today, Kimberley offers a variety of unique experiences, and sees many visitors use the city as a halfway stop on their journeys.

Boasting attractions like The Big Hole, Kamfers Dam and the array of flamingos that can be found in and around it, the city is ideal for any holiday maker who is looking for a taste of everything. If you haven’t booked your flights to Kimberley yet, be sure to book your domestic flights with SAExpress to ensure hassle-free and comfortable flights.

Explore Kimberley

  • The Big Hole: By 1914, people from all over the world had taken 2 722 kg of diamonds from the ground, resulting in a giant chasm labelled as ‘The Big Hole’.
  • Kamfers Dam: Home to more than 70 000 flamingos, Kamfers Dam is paradise for any avid bird watcher. With more than 50% of South Africa’s bird population that nest around the dam, it is considered as one of the area’s most valuable attractions.
  • Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre: With more than 400 rock engravings that are estimated to be over 1 000 years old from the Xun and Khwe San People, this centre is perfect for history lovers.

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