East London

We’ve all heard about the Big Five – the majestic selection of animals from Southern Africa that draw thousands of tourists to our shores every year. However, have you ever heard about the Big Seven? Add the Southern Right Whales and Great White Sharks to the list of already intimidating animals and you have one of the biggest attractions of East London.

A beautiful coastal town, East London boasts pristine beaches, untouched fauna and flora, and a variety of nature-based activities. Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this little town is ideal for travellers who are looking to unwind and enjoy South Africa’s pristine wildlife and scenery for what it is. Embark on a journey along the Garden Route or book yourself into a cosy hotel that overlooks the ocean, explore the beaches or snuggle up next to a fire in one of the area’s wildlife reserves – East London truly is a destination that is suited to all types of travellers.

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Explore East London

  • Mpongo Park Private Reserve: If you are looking for a breakaway, a drive through the Mpongo Park Private Reserve is ideal for travellers from all spheres.
  • East London Museum: A plethora of art, exhibitions and memorials, the East London Museum is perfect for families with children who are looking for something different.
  • East London Aquarium: Small yet modern, the East London Aquarium is the perfect activity for young children, especially when the weather is not ideal for hours spent on the beach.