SA Express operations have been suspended from 18 March 2020 until further notice. Communication on any new developments will be shared in due course.

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  • Can you see into the future? Are your hunches always right?
    The airline industry is highly competitive, with a small margin for error. The analysis and interpretation of route performance, market share performance, data mining and modelling to ensure accuracy and enhance sales and revenue performance, discrete business analysis (sales and management reports) and understanding of the customer business objectives and timelines are just a few examples of the complexities involved in crafting a winning strategy for SA Express. You will need a qualification in Business Administration or Applied Mathematics, Operational Research (Statistics) or Micro and Macro Economics if you aspire for a career as an Airline Strategist.
  • To stay competitive within the aviation environment, most airlines are adopting low cost principles for most operations. One such within the commercial environment is the growth of direct bookings. The core function of sales is to manage distribution of the airlines products directly to the customer. You should have a business degree or equivalent qualification with major emphasis in sales and e-commerce.
  • Vibrant? Creative? Got an eye for quality?
    Your creative and innovative ability could help you become part of the dynamic Marketing team that constantly seeks ways to position the South African Express brand as the preferred airline against fierce competition in the markets we serve. A reputable Marketing qualification is required.
  • Passionate? Outspoken?
    The Sales team at SA Express plays hard to manage all distribution channels by building strong relations with Travel Trade and Corporate Companies. In addition, the vibrant team attract group travellers to fly SA Express by creating synergies with Tour Operators as well as Hotels and Lodges. A reputable Sales and/or Marketing qualification is required.
  • Love numbers? Want to hold the purse strings?
    Financial Analysis, Expenditure and Budgetary Control, Management Reporting and Revenue Accounting are all career opportunites that exist in our friendly Finance Department. A degree in Accounting, Business and/or an equivalent professional qualification recognised by SAICA or any other professional body. Knowledge of SAP Financials will be an advantage.
  • This is one of the most exciting areas to work in if you are analytical, enjoying modelling forecasts and customer buying behaviour. In order to attract passengers, our airline optimises seat capacity to ensure that the airline receives the optimal revenue per available seat. Revenue Management uses pricing and scheduling information and transforms them into a product that could be delivered to the marketplace. Within revenue management you will be involved in the management of seat inventory and accurately forecast future demand by maximizing revenue per flight departure and minimising seat spoilage and risk of denied boarding.

    You could also be involved in scheduling and planning that will connect the primary hubs with the secondary markets at appropriate times to satisfy customer demand. If that is not all, you will have to match the aircraft gauge/capacity with the passenger/ market volumes for the amount of traffic traveling on specific routes.

    Most airlines have five types of Revenue Management positions:

    • Head of Revenue Management
    • Revenue Manager
    • Revenue Analyst
    • Pricing Manager
    • Pricing Analyst

    You should have a business degree or equivalent qualification majoring in Economics and/or Statistics to be considered for this job. It is a requirement to have strong analytical skills, knowledge of statistical forecasting technique and an excellent

  • Interested in Driving the Information Highway?
    SA Express has unique IT systems that unpin its major passenger reservation and control processes which require highly skilled IT professionals. Join our airline’s IT whizzes in careers such as Application Services, Projects as well as Business Management Project support. IT qualification for the appropriate applications on Networking, Server and Software Maintenance is required.
  • Legal eagle? People’s person?
    A plethora of opportunities lie in our Legal, Human Resources and Quality Assurance departments. The dynamic aviation industry commands specialists in Legal and Quality Assurance spheres. Human Resources constantly require professionals who are passionate about employees, productivity and corporate wellbeing. A relevant degree or equivalent qualification is required.
  • SA Express employ a number of Customer Services Agents (CSA) who forms the face of the company as they interact with our passengers and other partners face to face or through other communications mediums. They function mostly in the Airport environment, accepting passengers for travel as well as assisting them to prepare for their journey and during disembarking. CSA’s also work in our back office environment dealing with passengers telephonically or in writing. You will need a matric with a good customer service orientation if you want to be successful in these jobs. Further studies in Travel and Tourism will be an added advantage.
  • The Cabin and Flight Deck Crew are the most recognised careers in the airline industry. To become a pilot at SA Express you will need a commercial pilot license and comply with the minimum recruitment criteria. Mathematics, English mandatoryand Science are subjects that must be pursued if you intend on becoming a pilot. Geography would give you an advantage but is not a prerequisite. To become a Cabin Crew member you need Matric, fluent in English, with good customer service orientation. Further studies in Travel and Tourism will be an added advantage. Remember that you must be able to swim.
  • With right sort of training in handling all aspects of our airport operations including customer service, baggage and cargo handling, in-flight catering, ground safety regulations and airport emergency planning you could develop towards becoming a Station Manager. Station managers are normally competent to run a station away from head office by managing a range of operational processes. You should have the relevant operation’s qualifications and must be service oriented, an extrovert and have proven leadership qualities.
  • The SA Express operation is supported by Operations Officers such as Operation Controllers, Flight Dispatches, Load Controllers and Crew Schedulers. People in these jobs deal with crew logistics, route navigation and aircraft operational capability. Training for these jobs is provided in-house and you will need a matric with good mathematics and science to be considered.
  • Are you technically minded? Why not join the Technical department which offers Technical Apprenticeship? You will work with a team of specialists on engineering activities, including evaluation of aircraft performance; management of aircraft electronics and software; evaluation and implementation of in-flight entertainment systems; repairs of aircraft structures and systems. With several years of experience you can develop into one of the many exciting areas such as Maintenance Controller, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or Engineering Analyst.

    You should have a degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics or Engineering. You can also follow an apprenticeship programme that qualifies you as a technician in a specific discipline.

  • Please note the recruitment for the SA Express Cadet Pilot Training Programme has ceased at this time and new applications are not being accepted. Candidates should however monitor this website for updated information.

    Our programme offers:

  • This is an introduction programme designed for candidates with no flying experience.
  • This programme is designed to train pilots who already have low flying hours, a PPL or a CPL.
  • This programme is designed to screen experienced pilots with a CPL or ATPL and more than 1000 hours total time.

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