SA Express operations have been suspended from 18 March 2020 until further notice. Communication on any new developments will be shared in due course.

Cabin Crew

The SA Express Cabin Crew are highly training safety officers. As the face of the company, our cabin crew are the people who ensure your safety and comfort when you fly SA Express.

Our cabin crew training programme has been developed to meet the requirements of South African Aviation Law, specifically laws established in the Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR’s) and Civil Aviation Technical Standards (CATS).
As Cabin Crew the interaction with our customers is the core of your work, switching with ease from serving, meal, through the sale of luxury goods or to listen with genuine understanding. Cabin Crew work in a constantly changing and diverse team together intensive at irregular hours.

The Ab Initio Training programme is a holistic training programme that ensures that SA Express cabin crew are able to keep cool heads and be exemplary safety officers.

Unlicensed trainees are then scheduled to attend an examination conducted by the South African Civil Aviation Authority on completion of the Ab Initio Training. This examination is a general exam that evaluates knowledge in all areas of performance.

The examination is conducted on a computer.  You are given 100 multiple-choice questions.

The pass mark on this examination is 75%.

In the event that you are unsuccessful, the Civil Aviation Authority will not issue you with a license.  You cannot fly without a license as it is required by law.

If you are medically fit, can swim and are fluent in English, please visit our vacancies page.