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Travelling in South Africa: Common Travelling Myths (and why they’re wrong)

South Africa is a beautiful country. We’re not only known for our mean potjiekos but do pretty great shisa nyama and stunningly sweet koeksisters. However, despite our beautiful cultural and ethnic diversity, there are many misconceptions surrounding the country which we think are rather strange. We admit plenty of aspects of our country are not […]

Tips for travelling with guns ‘legally’

If you’re the owner of a firearm and other dangerous items or know someone who is, then you’re probably familiar with contemplating whether to take your firearm along on a flight and if this is even allowed. How often have you heard gun collectors, hunter and professionals complain about not being able to take their […]

International travel: what documents should you carry when traveling overseas?

Taking an international flight is exciting…until you realise at the airport that you forgot to bring along an important document. Or worse, you didn’t print a required document because you didn’t think it would be necessary. This can lead to unnecessary arguments and inconvenience. If you’re a first time international flyer, then it’s important for […]

Cape Town/Johannesburg-Pilanesberg Operations

Passenger Notice: RE: Cape Town/ Johannesburg – Pilanesberg Operations   Dear Valued Passengers   SA Express wishes to announce the reinstatement of its operations to the Pilanesberg airport. The airline will be able to resume its services from Johannesburg/Cape Town to Pilanesberg, effective 09 June 2017. The company urges all passengers to visit our website; […]

Here’s why reading the fine print is important

How often do you skip through the fine print and sign right away, or click to agree to the terms and conditions button without actually reading through and understanding them? If you are guilty of doing this,it’s important to understand why you need to take the extra time to read through the fine print of […]

How does e-ticketing work?

When boarding a flight, you need to pay special attention to bring along compulsory documents such as valid IDs and passports, visas and health documentation if necessary. In the event that you forget any of these documents, you should prioritse arrangements to get them before your flight departs, like driving home to fetch them or […]

5 local destinations that should be on your bucket list

South Africa has a myriad of amazing places to see and experience. Most South Africans only visit Joburg, Cape Town and Durban, usually because it’s easier to stick with a safe bet. If you’re one of these people, it’s time to ease your wanderlust, unleash your inner explorer and get stuck into other magical destinations […]

Pack these essential items first

So imagine you’re ready to create new memories in a new country and you get caught up in the whirlwind of excitement, and forget to pack some of your essential items. Truth is this happens often, and often means you having to buy these necessities at the eleventh hour. Worried about forgetting something when you […]

Five Exciting Cape Town Facts you Probably Didn’t Know

But many people ask what makes Cape Town the ultimate tourist destination? Is it the iconic Table Mountain, the beautiful beaches or the friendly people? The Mother City is home to many beautiful tourist attractions and amazing night life experiences. We’ve listed a few must-do’s while you’re there: Chances are that you probably haven’t seen […]