Why Walvis Bay should be on your bucket list

Selfie at Walvis Bay


A lot actually! Walvis Bay has an interesting history of German occupation, whaling and fishing, among other things. But what is probably most interesting about this area is that - although it is situated slap-bang half way along the Namibian coastline - it belonged to South Africa for many years!

Here are other interesting facts you may not have known about this gorgeous destination:

  • The port of Walvis Bay is one of very few safe harbours on the 1300 km seaboard of Namibia, and is consequently of great strategic importance. The British Crown consequently annexed this area in 1878 and in 1884 it became an integral part of the Cape Colony. Voila! Just like that, we owned this bustling port town in the middle of another country! Eventually common sense prevailed, and after lengthy negotiations South Africa returned this valuable property of just over 1000 square meters in extent, to its rightful owners – the people of Namibia.

But what else does this coastal town have to offer?

  • Apart from the natural beauty of spectacular sunsets over the restless ocean, there are some legendary fishing spots round and about. And with fishing being one of South Africans’ favourite participation sports, this is a lure, for sure!
  • Other popular activities include a tour to Dune 7, where you will be able to climb to the ridge of the dune and have endless views of the awesome desert. Or you might prefer to experience the excitement of exploring the desert on a powerful quad bike. But, if that sounds a bit challenging, there are a few tour operators who offer four wheel drive adventures into the rugged landscape.
  • If you’re more into nature and not so much of a petrol head, what about a kayaking trip around Pelican Point, where you will have a chance to see the real deal – pelicans in their natural environment? There is also the opportunity to charter a sailboat from the waterfront. Just imagine sailing into a golden sunset with the love of your life beside you and a cold drink in hand…

Dolphin, whale and seal watching excursions are also on offer. And with all the fresh fish around, seafood is plentiful in many of the restaurants in town. (We’ve tasted some of the best fried calamari right here). And if that’s not your thing, try a sushi restaurant. You’re sure to be impressed.

Best of all, the German heritage has ensured a legacy of good bakeries and pubs in which you’ll find some of the best beers in the world.

Okay, now that we’ve whet your appetite, book your flight to Walvis Bay right now, and earn some serious bragging rights.