The biggest travel blunders and how to avoid them

Packing luggage

When travelling, you want to end up saying “Yay!” instead of “Oops!”

There are many mistakes travellers can make when going on a vacation. But, the good news is, some of these bloopers can be avoided.

So, what will cause you to say: ‘Oops’?


It’s absolutely fine to wear the same jeans a number of times. You really don’t need a clean pair every day. On your trip you’ll probably go on a shopping spree anyway, and before you know it, you’ll end up paying extra money on overweight baggage on your return flight. Pack light and you will have the space you need in your bags for other goodies you’ll be bringing home. If you need some guidance on what to pack, read things not to forget when packing for your holiday

Not reading reviews

If it’s your first time in Limpopo and you’re much excited after your flight to Hoedspruit, the last thing you need is an unwanted “surprise” in the form of nasty creepy crawlies in the bedroom. And even if you like surprises, you surely won’t appreciate it if your accommodation is nothing like what it looks like on the website - and you’ve already paid a deposit. Make sure you go on online to see whether the reviews are to your liking. It’s always good to know how other people have experienced visiting your new home from home.

Taking too many pictures

A selfie or two is never a bad thing. But don’t let the camera rob you of the actual experience. Yes, keep your camera close, but take in the smells, sounds, texture, animals and beautiful landscapes of the bushveld you’re exploring. We’re pretty certain Instagram wouldn’t mind a delayed post. Also ensure you back up your images and videos on a hard drive so that your memories will be safely stored in case you lose your camera or phone.

Drinking water

Avoid drinking water from outside taps. The tap water may not be safe to drink and the last thing you want is to contract a tummy bug. While travelling in unfamiliar territory, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do a bit of online research or ask the locals. If you have second thoughts, buy bottled water instead. But be sure to discard the plastic in places where there are recycling facilities. We wouldn’t want our travels to further impact our precious rivers, streams and oceans!

Over-extending yourself

Yes, you may be overly excited and want to visit every tourist attraction in the area, but don’t. Schedule some downtime in which you can simply relax and do nothing in your new and unfamiliar environment. A hectic itinerary could exhaust you and rob you of the pleasure of the next adventure. And, go with the flow. If there is a sudden storm you’re not prepared for, don’t be afraid to change your plans for the day and stay in with a good book, or suggest playing board games with friends. It can be as enjoyable as that outing to the river.

Remember, it’s all about having the most epic experience in a new environment and creating fresh memories – whether you’ve embarked on your journey alone, or with someone you love. Have a safe trip!