4 reasons why travel is good for your mental health

Couple tourists

Ever wondered why people feel so rejuvenated after spending a few days at a place with magnificent scenery like the Golden Gate in the Eastern Free State or, in winter, skiing in the Maluti Mountains?

Well, it is just one of the many benefits that comes with travel. Travel allows one the opportunity to unwind, learn a bunch of new things and do things differently. In short, it’s good for the soul. Whether you’re contemplating a trip with your significant other or some close friends, the benefits might just make you take that decision this minute!

  1. You de-stress
    There are things, other than a full body massage, to make you relax. Sometimes, a sweet break with a few amazing people is all you need. The truth is, when you’re on holiday, time stands still – in a manner of speaking. Work and the daily grind are hardly on your mind and you couldn’t care less about traffic. Fewer things to worry about simply means less stress.
  1. You’ll meet new people
    No, we’re not talking about your 300+ "friends" on Facebook, but genuine travel buddies. Whether you’re hopping on a flight to Bloemfontein for some backpacking on the other side, or you end up sharing a table with a few strangers at a local pub, you’re bound to make new friends with which to have a jol. South Africa is a beautiful and diverse country that boasts people from a variety of cultures. And travel gives you the ideal opportunity to get to know someone from a different traditional background – a wonderful opportunity to really get networking!
  1. You can be spontaneous
    Surprise your partner by booking a flight to Hoedspruit to go and explore the abundant wildlife in the Kruger Park. Rent a car in the town, stock up with some drinks, biltong and dried fruit, enter Satara on your Maps and off you go! Or if the budget allows, book into a private game reserve for a luxury safari experience or an open game drive vehicle in KNP. Life is more fun when you live in the moment!
  1. Introspect…
    One of the reasons we choose to travel is so that we can get away from the ‘busy-ness’ of business and home life and simply experience a change of scenery. What you experience on your trip is often something you never get to experience at home – like dried Mopani worms for breakfast! The more life experiences you have, the more knowledge you will gain and the more memories you will make! It may even allow you to identify things about yourself you never knew existed.

So, now is the time to give yourself wings by planning your next trip and improving your overall well-being! You won’t regret it…