Travelling in a large group? Tips to make it totally awesome

Travelling in a large group? Tips to make it totally awesome

As the saying goes: “the bigger the better”. Travelling in a group has many benefits. You may have to share the pizza, but the experience of having all your loved ones with you is what we’d call: “simply priceless.”

So, even if you’re travelling on a tight budget you obviously want to make sure that your vacation is filled with awesome memories and everything runs smoothly pre-flight.

Handle the admin

What happens after your flight to Gaborone? Will you take an Uber or have you scheduled a taxi to get you to your destination? These small details can make or break group travel. Get together during the planning stage and ask volunteers to take on certain tasks such as booking suitable transport from the airport, affordable accommodation and outings to the theatre or restaurants. SA Express is proudly IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) compliant and is audited every 2 years to ensure our passengers’ safety. The audit is fully comprehensive and covers all operational aspects of an airline which includes, cabin safety, flight operations, aircraft engineering, operational dispatch and more. So you can have peace of mind before you book that flight.

Split and save

The more the merrier – and the more money you can save. Make sure the costs for the grocery or restaurant bill and accommodation are split proportionately. Some people might order fillet steak or prawns, while others will share a hamburger, so make sure the group’s elected accountant divides it all up fairly – including the tip. Also keep in mind that some establishments can accommodate up to 6 people in a room which will come in handy if you are travelling with kids. And don’t be afraid to enquire about group discounts and specials when visiting tourist attractions – you could be saving even more!

Book in advance

You wouldn’t want to have to leave anyone out. If you’re a group of 8, and the show can only accommodate another 7, it could cause friction. Make reservations and book your tours as far in advance as possible to ensure everyone is accommodated.

Be mindful – not everyone may want to do the same thing

Before the trip, make sure everyone, or at least the majority, has agreed on the activities that have been lined up. This will eliminate “But I don’t want to go there” and “You know I’m afraid of heights” dilemmas. Be sensitive to those who aren’t as adventurous. The group could always divide into smaller groups. You could always use a messaging app to get hold of everyone when you’ve separated.

It’s all about the experience

Your tour may not go exactly as you planned it. So what? It’s all about having fun, bonding and sharing your ice cream. Just make sure you all have your cellphones ready to capture those priceless moments.

Here’s to travelling in groups!