Autumn is a great season to travel


Boots are made for walking, and autumn is made for flying… Oh yes, you would be incomplete without that visit to Egoli– so make a plan to hop onto that flight to Johannesburg next week.
Many people prefer to travel during summer.  But that is but a few months of the year. So what’s to stop you from going on hols in autumn? Here’s why you should seriously consider it.
It’s often cheaper
If you’re a bargain hunter, autumn is an ideal time to go on holiday. You’ll probably find flights to Port Elizabeth from Durban much cheaper around this time. After all, it is off-peak season! Psst, if you’re looking for the very best deal, take an early morning flight and also read: the secret to finding cheap online flights:
No queues and crowds
You won’t need to call restaurants a week in advance to make reservations. Oh and you’re sure to also skip those long, peak-season queues at the airport and tourist attractions. So a tour of Soweto after your flight to Johannesburg sound delightful, right?
The weather is really still great
Temperatures may be a tad cooler, but it’s nothing a scarf and jacket can’t fix. And if you want to discover the Mother City during their ‘secret season’, autumn is the time to go. Take a flight to Durban from Cape Town. And you’ll love the weather!

Spectacular selfies!
If you’re an adventure traveller and you’re out exploring your surroundings, surely you’d want to capture it without the hordes in sight. And an image can speak a thousand words, so if you’re into autumn leaves, take that selfie with a spectacularly coloured tree as a backdrop, upload it on Facebook and prepare yourself for all the “likes” that will flood in. If you’re looking for a breathtaking bush and wildlife experience be sure to jump on a flight to Hoedspruit from Cape Town.
What are you waiting for? Book your flight today – and extend that summer feeling.