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During your visit to Joburg, don’t forget about Pretoria

If you’re a business person who regularly catches flights to Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth to Egoli, you may have been lucky enough to have visited many of the interesting features of vibrant Jozi. So, it might be time for you to spread your wings and take in a few of neighbouring Pretoria’s impressive sights.
Here are two must see places to start with:
Along the way
Driving along the Ben Schoeman highway, as you are approaching Midrand, look out for an imposing, white landmark in the distance on the right hand side. This is the magnificent Nizamiye mosque which has dominated the skyline of Midrand since it’s opening in 2012. It is purportedly the largest mosque complex south of the equator.
The architecture was based on the Ottoman Selimiye mosque in Turkey and was apparently funded by a generous Turkish businessman. Not only will you be dazzled by the harmonious and striking design, you’ll also be able to enjoy the smells, sights and sounds of a Turkish restaurant, a coffee shop, bakery and bookstore. In addition, the complex houses a school, clinic and even a bazaar. So with a quick tap on your map, off you go.
The Voortrekker Monument
Approaching Pretoria you will notice another majestic structure on a hilltop, this time on the left hand side of the highway. This is the Voortrekker monument, a chunky, granite building which was built in honour of the history of the Afrikaner nation. The structure was completed in 1949 and received National Heritage status in 2011, preserving one aspect of our rainbow nation’s past for future generations.
Among other interesting artifacts, it houses a tapestry which, according to the official website, contains over 3 million stiches. It also features the longest marble frieze depicting an historical event in the world. The building was designed by Gerhard Moerdijk who was also responsible for the designs of quite a number of other churches countrywide as well as the old library at UNISA.
With two such important landmarks a stone’s throw from Johannesburg, it is high time that you take in these historical buildings before you catch your next flight, whether that be from Johannesburg to George or Johannesburg to East London – or any other place you may call home. You sure will have some lovely stories to tell family and friend once you get there!