The best bunny chows in Durban

Feeling hot, hot, hot!
Temperatures aren’t the only thing that should be hot this summer. So start dreaming of sinking your teeth into a hot curry, delectably seasoned with Durban spices and served in a freshly baked, half loaf of bread. It is simply a non-negotiable when you’re on a visit to Durbz.
A bunny chow, which is also affectionately called a ‘bunny’, is a uniquely South African dish - a spicy meat or vegetarian curry that’s served in a hollowed out loaf of bread. It originates from Durban, so feasting on one is definitely something to experience whenever you find yourself in the city of KwaZulu Natal.
Whether you find yourself on a flight from East London to Durban or a cheap flight from Johannesburg to Durban make sure you get around to these spots to try a few of these bunny chows:
Danny’s House of Curries
Location: Tongaat & Blue Lagoon
This award-winning restaurant has won the annual Coca-Cola Bunny Chow Barometer Challenge three years in a row (2013-2015) for the best bunny chow. Their menu caters for those on a budget as well as those who don’t mind spending a few Rands extra. You can order anything from sugar bean curry to mutton curry on a quarter loaf.
Budget: R45 – R79
Cane Cutters
Location: Glenwood
When you ask around for a restaurant that serves the best bunnies in town, Cane Cutters will surely be mentioned. They succeeded Danny’s House of Curries when they won the Coca-Cola Bunny Chow Barometer Competition in 2016. They are also one of the few take-aways that sell prawn bunnies which broadens the selection. From vegetables, red meat and poultry to seafood, the options seem endless. Some meals may be slightly pricey, however, every bite into your bunny chow will be worth it.
Budget: R34.90 – R179.90
Capsicum Restaurant 
Location: Britannia Hotel
Another eatery that boasts a versatile menu is the Capsicum. Not only can you order a mildly spiced prawn bunny, but also more exotic bunnies like tripe, trotters or even lamb chops. You can order your bunnies from the sports bar, restaurant or the takeaway at an affordable price. If you’re staying at the Britannia Hotel after your flight to Durban, Eating a bunny at Capsicum is an unforgettable must!
Budget: R20-R72
My Diners
Location: Westwood Mall
These bunny chows have a slight twist - they are uniquely spiced with Pakistani blends. My Diners specialises in Asian and Pakistani cuisine and is a popular favourite in the Durban community. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on good food, then My Diners’ will satisfy that bunny craving. And if you’re a big eater, full loaves are available on order.
Budget: R22.95 – R149.95
Make sure you don’t get back on your flight, whether that be from Durban to Port Elizabeth or Durban to Joburg, if you haven’t dug into at least one of these iconic dishes. Happy chowing!