Things you should know before taking a flight

Pleasant and understanding passengers not only make the air crew’s jobs a breeze, it also ensures that everyone experiences a calm and enjoyable journey. So, whether you’re heading out to catch flights from Johannesburg to George or Durban to Port Elizabeth take note of these pointers as recommend by flight attendants.
Arrive early
Try to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight takes off. In this way, you will avoid the anxiety, rush and pressure that many people invariably experience. It is also nice to have the time for a quiet coffee or drink before heading for your departure gate.
Onboard luggage
There is limited space in the overhead bins. Try to keep your hand luggage to a book, your electronic equipment and a few personal items. On busy business routes like flights to Cape Town please consider checking in your suitcase. And, speaking about electronic devices, keep them switched off when asked to do so. Remember, the crew did not make the rules.
Respect thy neighbour
While it is nice to meet a likeminded, interesting person on a plane, don’t persevere if it looks as though your neighbour isn’t in the mood for chatting. Inversely, keep a book handy as a decoy if you’re not in the mood for a conversation.
Consider it a courtesy to keep your seat upright during mealtimes. By reclining the seat you will be limiting the space of the person behind you who may be trying to tuck in. It is also not a very good time to be moving around the cabin.
The toilet
Don’t hog the toilet. There are only a few toilets available, so be as quick as you can. And, of course, always clean up after yourself to leave a clean facility for the next user.
The armrest
Armrests are meant to be shared. So don’t take possession of them for the duration of the journey. Either stay on your side of the armrest or rest your hands in your lap every now and again to give your neighbour the chance to make use of the facility.
It is your responsibility to manage the behaviour of your children. It is not okay for you to allow your children to run up and down the isles yelling their lungs out.
On busy flights from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit and the like,
passengers can become impatient to disembark once the seatbelt sign has been switched off. Please wait your turn and only step into the aisle to retrieve your overhead luggage when there is space to do so.
With these tips in mind, we wish you many happy, comfortable and pleasant journey and explorations of places in South Africa and our neighbouring countries. Bon voyage.