No laptop no problem: Creative ways to pass time on a flight

You're on a four-hour flight and you feel absolutely incomplete without any of your electronics to keep you busy.
What do you do?
You can mope around, complain and feel sorry for yourself or you can make the most of your experience in the air. After all, the busier you keep yourself (and the kids) on your flight, the better chance they'll stay out of trouble and the quicker your flight will feel.
Here are creative ideas on how to spend your time, electronic free, while you're up in the air:
  • Get out a book and read
    Nothing says "me-time" better than reading your favourite book or magazine. It's relatively quiet on an aeroplane so you'll have fewer distractions under more normal circumstances. If you're travelling with kids, make sure they have their reading and colouring books on hand to keep them occupied.
  • Take a nap
    If you're going to be busy and running around as soon as you set foot in your destination after taking a flight from Johannesburg to George, catching 40 winks may be just what you need in order to feel less fatigued when you arrive. Ensure you've packed a comfortable pillow and an eye mask in case the light in the aeroplane is too bright.
  • Have a conversation with your seat mate
    If you don't mind initiating a conversation, why not start one with whoever is next to you? If you're clueless about what topic to drive the conversation, try to pay them a compliment Conversation is sure to flow from there.
  • Take photos
    If you're lucky enough to score yourself a window seat, take a picture of the beautiful view outside your window. You could even take selfies on your flight from Johannesburg to East London with the clouds in the background. You're bound to feel like you're floating on a cloud afterwards.
  • Prepare ahead and do some work
    Just because you can't go online doesn't mean you have to give up on doing work altogether. If you have an important email to write, why not do so on your flight from Durban to East London and then hit the 'send' button as soon as you're back on the ground?
  • Listen to your favourite music
    Plug your headphones into your device and allow your brain to escape to a different world. After all, that is exactly what music does, right? Just be sure not to get carried away and sing (or rap) aloud. You might just annoy the seat mate you sparked conversation with earlier.
No matter the duration of your flight from Cape Town to Hoedspruit [link to:], make your flight less strenuous and lengthy by keeping busy and you'll soon realise how quickly time has flown by.