If you think planning for domestic and international flights are the same…read this

Have you ever thought about the difference between regional and domestic flights? For instance, what do flights from Nelspruit to Johannesburg and flights to Harare have in common? If you don’t know then we’re happy you’re reading this article.

Here’s a brief outline about what you need to know regarding the difference between travelling domestically and internationally…

When making a domestic flight booking here’s what you need to know:
  • You don’t need your passport. When you start packing your essentials for your domestic trip, your passport does not have to be added to the bag unless it’s your only form of identity. Yes, many people preach the importance of carrying your passport with you when taking a flight which may make you extra-cautious about taking it along with you. However, if you’re taking one of our domestic flights, having a valid passport does not necessarily apply to you. 
  • The weather may not be the same. Just because you’re travelling to a different town rather than a country does not mean that the weather will be similar than what you expect. If you’re travelling to KwaZulu-Natal, for instance, the weather is probably warmer than Cape Town or Johannesburg especially in winter so ensure you pack your clothing accordingly.
When checking for regional flights, this is what you need to know:  
  • Check the currency. If you’re travelling to Zimbabwe, you may be allowed to purchase items with the South African Rand, however if you’re flying to Gaborone, you’ll have to exchange your Rand to the Pula.
  • Are there specific rules and regulations when you arrive at the airport? Certain airports have strict rules and regulations that have to be adhered to. For instance, if you’re travelling to a country that has a Malaria or cholera outbreak, it’s imperative that you provide proof you have medication or have been vaccinated before your flight. The maximum baggage weight may also differ between countries.
  • Are there any other precautionary measures? If you have any vaccinations to take, consult with your doctor a few weeks before your trip and get any prescribed medication.
Whether you’re travelling to a different province or different country, knowing exactly what your flight entails is essential to having a stress-free flight which results in an enjoyable trip. Reading the fine print is just as important to make sure you don’t miss any crucial information or details.


Image courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM