Essential travelling kit for the modern business person

The Internet is full of articles about how to travel for a holiday with family and friends, but not so much about travelling for the modern business person?

If you travel often for business, relax we haven't forgotten about you! Your prolonged working hours, sleepless nights preparing for presentations and attending countless meetings and conferences do not go unnoticed.

Of course you're aware that packing items such as a good travel bag or suitcase, toiletries and enough clothing for the duration of your stay is necessary, so we will focus on other items that you might forget or may not have thought about.

If you're packing for a business trip after you’ve made a domestic flight booking, here are a few items you should remember to take with you:
  • Your phone charger or a power bank. You may be meeting with different clients or you may be attending an event which requires you to network with potential clients. Ensure you leave a lasting impression by saving the contact details acquired during your networking and if you promised to call them, make an effort to do so.
  • Your business cards.  Business cards are a great way to remind people of who you are well after you have met them. Make sure you’ve packed enough cards so you do not run out during your stay.
  • Your flash drive and important documents. If your presentation includes the display of important graphs and summarised content in printed or online format, make sure you have them ready before standing on that pedestal. After all, a presentation can either make or break a long-standing relationship with other companies.
  • Ensure long-lasting fresh breath. If you're about to convince someone to form a relationship with your company, do it confidently. A smelly breath can cause people to focus on the smell of your breath instead of what you are saying. Pack breath mints and eat them throughout the day. You could even pack enough to share with those you think may need it.
  • Hand sanitizer can prevent sticky situations. Introducing yourself to others often leads to the shaking of hands. It is important to carry anti-bacterial soap wherever you go so you can use it whenever you feel the need to. It’s great to feel fresh, even when you’re in a foreign environment.
After you have browsed the net for flight specials, and prepared any presentations you may have to conduct, ensure you pack these essentials for your next  business trip!


Images courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM