Flying with children made easy

So you are on your way to a wonderful holiday destination waiting to board with your three kids in tow. Your nerves are shattered because you have just arrived at the airport and already they are running up and down the escalators. “Run you think to yourself, run all that energy out.” You’ve done this before and you know there will be stares, generally from people who do not have kids and do not know what it is like keeping three balls of energy quite in a confined space for several hours.

Flying with kids can be daunting. Here are a few tips to make the process easier.

Check in early to ensure that you can all sit together.

If at all possible, choose flights at the ‘normal’ time your kids are meant to be falling asleep. Be aware however that this can backfire and leave you with tired tantrums to deal with.

 Make sure they go to the toilet immediately before getting on the plane. Staying hydrated is very important but don’t give them too many fluids as this will mean several trips down the aisle to the on-board toilet.

You can never have enough wet wipes and snacks, but keep the sugar content low. Pack a plastic bag for trash.

When you pack toys, don’t go for the familiar. Rather pack something new which allows them to be creative.

Load your tablet with games, songs, TV shows and movies to keep them entertained for as long as possible. A portable DVD player can also be handy, remember to pack the kiddies earphones.

Pack extra clothes in case of a spill, a child with juice on his shirt will not be a happy flyer.

Be sure to pack medicine, you never know when one of your kids might get a temperature or a head ache.

Drinks and gum will help relieve pain due to air pressure changes. It might also help to use ear plugs especially for kids who are prone to ear infections and as a result have sensitive ears. Speaking of infections it is good to boost their immune systems weeks before you fly.
Keep them comfortable by dressing them in loose layer which you can take on and off as the temperature demands. On a long flight make sure to pack a pillow for each child.

If you travel domestically, book a flight which is early in the day, to avoid tired tantrums.

Avoid seating your child in an aisle seat, food and beverage carts pass close to the seats and can easily snag an arm or hand.

Remember that if you are positive and excited about the flight, they will follow suite and enjoy their time in the air. Make sure that you too get enough rest, we need you sane and strong.
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