Make Your Journey Hassle Free: Travel Information 101

While travelling is probably one of the most exciting things a person can do, it also has the potential to be one of the most stressful. Booking flights online, landing in a new place, trying to find your way around, sitting next to loud children…you know the drill! With a bit of preparation though, you can make your journey easy and hassle-free.

Check in online and always arrive early
Sure, arriving too early might mean you have a bit of a long wait at the airport, but that definitely beats hitting a major traffic jam and arriving so late that you have to sprint all the way to your boarding gate or miss your flight altogether! If you are travelling with children, this rule is even more applicable. Things always take a bit longer than you expect when children are in tow – they walk slower, they need to stop to go to the bathroom five minutes after you passed one, and you’ll have to watch them and their luggage like a hawk.

Work out what time you need to be at the airport, then add in extra time for travelling and another twenty minutes to half an hour at the airport. If you’re there super early, then sit down and relax with a coffee while you wait for boarding.

Checking in online also saves you valuable time and allows you to do a fast bag drop at the airport, or just waltz right through to security if you only have hand luggage. If you’re switched on, you can log in as soon as online check in opens and score the seats you want for you and your family. It makes the trip a lot easier if you can sit in a seat where you’re most comfortable, especially if there are little ones in tow who will definitely want to look out of the window as you land and take off!

Double check the details
When booking flights, especially discounted cheap flights, make sure to make double sure all your details are correct and you’ve booked everything you need. You normally can’t cancel or make changes to these tickets, so ensuring everybody has the right name and birthdate, your departure and arrival airports are right, and your flight times and dates are correct. While you’re doing this, make sure that your passports are valid if you’re flying internationally. If not, then locating everyone’s photo identification and keeping them safe will be fine.

Know your baggage allowance
On cheap domestic flights, baggage is not always included. Check your baggage allowance before boarding and if you’re cramming things in then when possible, weigh your bags before leaving. You don’t want to get stuck with overweight baggage, trying to wear every single item of clothing in your hold luggage.

If possible, you want to travel light. Not only can the baggage claim hold you up on the other side, but hand luggage has no chance of getting lost.

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Image courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM