Let’s Chat about T’s & C’s: What You Need to Know

If you’ve just purchased flights to a holiday destination or are off to visit family and friends, you’ll want to be sure you’re prepared for every eventuality and know what’s going on in the case that things don’t go as planned. Those flight specials are no use if you make an error and can’t get on the plane for some reason. As with most major purchases, there are some terms and conditions attached to flights that all customers need to be aware of before buying tickets and certainly before arriving at the airport!

Here are the T’s and C’s you need to know when you’re travelling.

You must always arrive on the right day, at the right time, at the right airport.
This sounds silly, but many confused travellers have appeared a day late, or even as much as a month late. In this case, you will not be allowed to board without purchasing another ticket, as the airline is not responsible. Always double check all details before clicking the ‘pay’ button! If you’re flying to or from Gauteng, make sure you select the correct airport as well – it isn’t unheard of for passengers travelling from Lanseria to arrive at OR Tambo!

Another consideration is your flight time. The time indicated on the ticket is the departure time of your flight, but you must always arrive earlier than this at the airport in order to check in and to go through security. Unfortunately, flights cannot be held for late passengers and airlines are held accountable for this – they are not obliged to compensate you if you do arrive late and miss your flight.

Check your baggage allowance
Baggage allowance for domestic South African flights will probably not be as much as you’re used to on international flights. When booking a flight, always make sure you’re aware of baggage restrictions and purchase extra bags if necessary. It is cheaper to do this in advance than when you’re already at the airport. Also take note of the hand luggage restrictions in terms of sizes and what can and can’t be carried on to the plane to avoid you having to either check your cabin baggage into the hold or throw away items that you are not allowed to carry on to the aeroplane with you.

Always bring identity
Flight booking and confirmations are only valid for the person and flight specified, so you’ll need to prove who you are before being allowed to board the plane. Otherwise, anybody could easily jump on in your spot and travel would be a free for all! For domestic flights, you’ll normally only need a photo identification such as your ID book or drivers licence. For international flights, you’ll have to have a valid passport.

Read the T’s and C’s
All airlines will have their terms and conditions of carriage, liability, baggage rules and anything else you need to know readily available on their website. If there is anything you are unsure about regarding your travel, flight booking, or liability then check the T’s and C’s to make sure you know your rights and where you stand with the airline.

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