How to Make the Most of Your Staycation

Even with all the cheap domestic flights and special offers available, many South Africans are opting for staycations this year. Some of us prefer the comfort and familiarity of home, especially over the mad rush that is December, and some of us like to save the money. Others like to go away off-peak. If you live in what is already a holiday destination, you might even choose to stay because there’s nowhere better to be, in which case, you’ve got the best and cheapest holiday of all! Seriously though, if you’re opting for the comforts of home this December, how do you make your staycation feel like you actually had a holiday? Here are some tips to make the most out of a holiday at home.

Act like a tourist
Have you lived in Cape Town for decades without ever taking your kids up Table Mountain? Or been based in Joburg your entire life but are yet to visit the Apartheid Museum? Maybe you never got around to visiting Ushaka Marine World. When you live in a place, you tend to take things for granted. This summer though, use the money you would have spent on flights and accommodation to explore your city the way a tourist would. See it in a new light and realise why visitors fall in love with it.

Explore on foot or bike
You probably drive most places, regardless of whereabouts in South Africa you live. Why not take advantage of the long days and good weather to explore on foot or bike? Get the family up early and go for a morning bike ride along some trails, then finish off with a coffee or milkshake at a local spot. There are very few places in South Africa where big open spaces, hiking trails, nature reserves and similar aren’t easily accessible, and the best part is that the change of scenery is every bit as good as a break!

Get in the water
Even if you’re landlocked, you don’t need to search for a cheap flight to enjoy some water time. Instead, head to the nearest dam or river for a day of swimming, watersports and braaing, as well as a cold beer or two for the adults. If you’re really stuck and don’t have a dam or big body of water nearby, find a local pool and take everyone for a swim. The kids will love it if the parents join in, and it’s the best way to cool down on a sweltering day. Just remember to pack plenty of sunscreen!

Test a new restaurant
We all know that person who plans their entire holiday around food and visits review sites planning exactly what meals to eat where. They might be going overboard, but there’s no doubt that good food is a crucial part of a great holiday. Everyone has their tried and trusted places to eat, whether it’s the local Spur or a hole-in-the-wall Italian place that is a real hidden gem. Use the holidays as a chance to try out the new eateries in your area or visit that place that’s a bit of a drive but everyone raves about.
Ensure that your staycation is one to remember by exploring your city – you never know what hidden gems you may find.

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Image courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM