We Reveal Our Best Kept Secrets for Travelling with Babies

If you’ve just had a baby you’re probably in real need of a well-deserved break. But how can you travel with babies? You’ve seen the looks of horror on flights as somebody with a baby makes their way slowly down the aisle, and you’ve probably been that person minding their own business only to be sorely disappointed to find out you’re seated next to a young family.

Fortunately, the crew at SA Express have seen it all and we’re here to tell you that you definitely can travel with babies, on both international and domestic flights! All it takes is a bit of pre-planning. And knowing the tricks of the trade, of course.
So new moms and dads, here’s how to travel with your babies in tow and not worry about those ‘please don’t sit next to me’ looks!

You might think you only need two bottles or three nappies but don’t be fooled! Take what you need, and then some. What if your flight gets delayed, or something goes wrong? Make sure you have plenty of bottles, nappies, toys, and whatever else you’ll need. Packing a spare pair of clothes is never a bad idea either.  If you pack everything you might have a heavy bag but at least you’ll know that whatever happens, you won’t have to hold a hungry little one with a dirty nappy and stained clothes, with no way of sorting any of those problems out!

Charge up all your tech before leaving
You might usually like to limit screen time for your kids but trust us when we say that you want to have every tool in the box available to you when you step foot on that holiday flight to Cape Town. This way you can entertain your kids with tv shows, games, or whatever age-appropriate activity is necessary. Download the apps and videos you’ll want in advance, and maybe even consider taking a powerbank if you have a long haul flight ahead of you.

Break out the bottles on takeoff and landing
If the ear popping as you change altitude bothers you, imagine what it must be like for your baby. They don’t know what’s happening, nor how to fix it. Luckily, you do! And a great way to fix it is by sucking something. While you’d give small kids a sweet or mint, have a bottle ready for your baby to suck on as you prepare for takeoff and landing. This should help neutralise the pressure in their ears and hopefully stop them from crying too much.

Plan your travelling times smartly
If at all possible, try to book flights that coincide with your child’s regular naps or bedtime. It will make it that much easier to lull them to sleep if they’re into a certain sleeping pattern and your flight “just happens” to fit in with it. If that’s not possible, your best bet is to try your best to keep your baby awake until after you take off, so that they are tired for at least some of the flight.

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Image courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM