Travel Packing 101: How to Maximise on Space

When it comes to travelling, many of us share the same goal – to arrive at our destination, luggage in tow, with no spillages, breakages or shirts that are too creased to wear. In order to achieve this, there are a few handy ways in which to pack your travel suitcase. Not only will these tips ensure that you arrive with baggage that is free of product spills and unsightly creases, but they will also help to maximise the available space and will ensure that all of your products remain inside of their respective containers.

If you’ve booked your domestic flights and the day has arrived for you to pack your suitcase, be sure to take a look at the following tips – we’re sure that your luggage will arrive at your chosen destination looking as spic and span as when you admired your handiwork before leaving for the airport. 

Decide on What to Pack
While we all aspire to look our best on holiday, it is important to ensure that you break down the necessities of what you will need while you are away from home. It is also important to consider whether or not your chosen accommodation offers up laundry facilities or services. If you are travelling, be sure to pack the necessities and then one or two extras that will make your life easier while away. However, 12 pairs of shoes and six pairs of jeans will only weigh you down and take up valuable space.

Sorting Jewellery and Makeup
The last thing that anyone wants is to open up their luggage to find their jewellery and makeup strewn all over the place. To avoid makeup stains, damage to the makeup itself, and loss of jewellery, it is important to ensure that you place both into smaller compartments or containers that will protect the items. Here are a handful of simple tricks to ensure the longevity of your makeup and jewellery during travel:
  • Find an unused pill box and use it store your rings and small items during travel.
  • Invest in a few buttons and use them to secure your earrings – simply pop the earring through one of the holes, and secure the butterfly.
  • Prevent your jewellery from tangling by using straws. Trim the straws to the size of the chain and pop a piece of straw onto each side of the chain.
  • Decant your makeup into contact lenses cases to prevent the bottles from breaking or bursting.
  • Store your makeup brushes in slim sunglasses cases to ensure that they remain clean and that they don’t roll around your vanity case.
  • If you’re concerned about any of your makeup products cracking or breaking, place a cotton pad inside the compact before adding it to your makeup bag.
Folding vs. Rolling
When it comes to your clothing, the best way in which to pack items is by rolling them as opposed to folding them. Not only will this assist in maximising the space with which you have to work, but it will also ensure that your items remain free of creases and kinks. Simply roll your items and place them next to each other, building up as you go.

When it comes to packing for your holiday, be sure to double check the weight limit for luggage – both carry-on and your main suitcase. If you’d like to save money by booking cheap flights, keep an eye on local and regional flight specials. Once you’ve made your booking , you can start daydreaming about what you’ll be wearing throughout your holiday.

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